Flagstaff Yoga Festival 2012


Below is the email we received from Flagstaff Yoga Festival Staff.
we had some really interesting developments at Flagstaff Yoga Festival this month – all good – but they sort of slowed up the progress of our Fundraising Mala campaign, incase you hadn’t noticed!

because of this, even though we have not yet asked you to accumulate 108 facebook likes, we are going to go ahead and simply send you your $1000-worth of Flagstaff yoga Festival tickets. I know that we are very behind schedule on these donations so thought it best to simply get them in your hands. You can use these tickets to raise funds for your nonprofit/ cause in any way that you see fit- putting them into silent auctions, selling them to donors directly, using them as raffle prizes or whatever you want to do. We had originally requested that all tickets from this fundraising campaign be in the hands of your donors before May 15th, but due to the delay in this fundraising campaign, we are actually going to extend that deadline to May 30th for you. So- by May 30th, please have the tickets in the hands of your donors! There will be an rsvp deadline ot May 31st for them to come redeem their tickets with us.

I think you should receive your tickets by tuesday or wednesday of this week.

We have created a small blog post for your cause on the Flagstaff Yoga Festival website, and would still love your help bringing your supporters to your blog post to “like” the post about your cause!

here’s your link to send people to:

go get 108 likes for that link by letting your supporters know about the campaign, and we’ll get started on our end! I am going to send out an email today letting out current list know to go visit our blog and “like” all the nonprofits that they would like to support. This should get you started!

thanks again for being a part of Flagstaff Yoga Festival this year! It is my pleasure to support such inspiring causes.

cheers and namaste,