The gift of yoga

Yoga: a series of postures to help one achieve mental and physical tranquility; a Hindu philosophy; a means of exercise; a means of business. With one simple google search, we can gain all of these ideas and more about yoga. But what is yoga really? While it can be broken down to the simplicity of […]

Yoga Teachers Unity Dinner ( Salt Lake City)

Bringing teachers together to strengthen and improve the teaching community which will improve their student’s experience of yoga. When you strengthen your experience of your community you feel connected and thus more empowered. The focus is on creating a space that allows the teachers to connect with each other irrespective of their teaching background and […]

It is as if God is right beside me breathing right with me

Yoga For People Heroes Series   Melissa Williams   I began taking yoga in 2009. In 2010 I lost my Dad to a tragic accident, a huge turning point in my life.. from that point on I started to seriously practice Yoga.  My best friend had been a yoga teacher for a few years and we would do […]

Yoga as a Lifestyle

Yoga For People Heroes Series  Amanda Jones Yoga awakened me. Getting out my mind while focusing on the poses was, for me, the quickest trip to mapping my soul. In fact, I didn’t really know who I was until yoga helped me release the stress, anxiety and past emotions that were collecting in the corners of my […]

Tom’s Story: Adaptive Yoga at Work

The steady beep of a distant heart monitor beats faintly through the sounds of a deep inhale, deep exhale. Tom has his eyes closed. He’s focused on filling his lungs with Pranayam, or life force breath. This is the beginning of his private yoga practice for the evening, taught by Yoga For People founder, Santosh […]

Volunteering my time each week reminds me what a joy it is to teach yoga – Rene Eder

Yoga For People Heroes Series  Rene Eder I started practicing yoga in 1999 as a way to exercise and reduce stress. I quickly realized the physical benefits of a regular practice. As my practice deepened I began to connect with the deeper emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga. It keeps me centered and at peace, I cannot imagine my […]

Healing by Kelsey Bourgeois

Yoga For People Heroes Series  Healing – Kelsey Bourgeois Kelsey Bourgeois I had been teaching yoga for several years when I had a personal trauma occur; a stranger sexually assaulted me while out running one day. Although I had always considered myself in touch with my womanhood and aware of the inequality that exists in the world between […]